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Significance of Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast Smoothies were invented for busy people. Pour some milk or yogurt and juice in your blender and toss in some berries or a banana and a scoop of protein powder. There are many other great recipes available. Try a few of these ideas and you’ll find yourself more alert and in a better mood in the morning. Starting your day off right, will also help you snack less during the day and will keep your metabolism running high. No more excuses to skip breakfast – just spend a few minutes each morning putting one of these meals together.

Without getting too technical, a balanced diet has the right amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water and fiber. To do this, we need a balance of meat/fish, dairy, grains, fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Since this article is about breakfast, we’ll focus on ways to get a balance of about 1-2 servings of carbohydrates, 1-2 servings of proteins, 1 serving of fats, 1-2 servings of fruits or vegetables (not fruit juice), 2 glasses of water and one serving of fiber. This is about a third of what you’ll need for the whole day.

A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us skip it because of time constraints.For breakfast try a savory or fruit muffin. For a healthier muffin use whole wheat flour and instead of sugar mash a ripe banana or a little honey into the mixture. Unless you’re an early riser you probably won’t have enough time to make muffins in the morning. Simply make them ahead and either freeze or keep in an air-tight container for a few days.

Eating a good breakfast will keep you from getting too hungry, which will help prevent you from over eating later in the day. Breakfast eaters are able to better resist fatty and high caloric foods throughout the day. If you skip breakfast, you will tend to nibble on snacks during the mid-morning and turn to coffee for an energy boost.

A yogurt smoothie can also be an easy meal during your day. If you have a refrigerator available at work, you can keep your yogurt in that refrigerator and keep your protein powder and plastic spoons in your desk. Then just make an easy meal or a snack for your morning or afternoon break. If you don’t have a refrigerator at work, but you have a grocery market handy, you can buy some yogurt on your lunch break.

Skipping this meal will usually cause you to eat more for lunch and / or dinner. If you start the day without a meal don’t be surprised if you feel tired, lethargic and easily fatigued later in the day. It’s almost like driving to work with no gas. The best strategy for keeping your weight in check and your energy level high is to fuel yourself evenly throughout the day. Eat a good breakfast, moderate lunch, and light dinner, (as well as small snacks in between, if you feel hungry.

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