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Some Choices For Tooth Bleaching

Some Choices For Tooth Bleaching

Tooth bleaching treatments are getting more widely available as we are increasingly looking for ways to to whiten our teeth. There are quite a couple of methods and procedures out there, and they are no longer a luxury just available to those who can afford to pay higher costs.Some procedures involve visits to a dental surgical treatment, while others could be applied at home.

Dental surgery or in house treatments are carried out by a dentist or other dental specialist. The bleach used a hydrogen peroxide based gel is applied directly onto the teeth. The gel is quite potent and left to work on the teeth for short periods, of say, fifteen minutes at a time and the complete therapy usually involves a couple of sessions.

In self-application house kits the user applies a peroxide-based gel mix to a mouth guard and inserts it over their teeth. There are two types of self-application kits, those custom-made by a dentist and over the counter or shop bought kits. In custom-made kits, the dentist takes a mold of the patient’s teeth to create an individualized mouth guard. House kits use a carbamide peroxide formula, which is less potent than those used in surgery treatments. The gel is left on for longer periods of time and over a longer duration.

Bleaching methods don’t achieve immediate results, and users normally have to wait two weeks or so prior to they notice a difference. Also, the level of whiteness varies greatly from user to user. Some, discover that certain methods are more effective for them than other people.

Surgery remedies do cost a whole lot more than house self-application kits. And house kits utilizing a custom-made mouth guard are usually more expensive than over the counter ones. All methods need some kind of adhere to up treatment keep up the whiteness.

Other tooth bleaching procedures include whitening strips. The strips are made from transparent film with a thin coating of peroxide gel and are worn on the teeth. Due to their transparency they are able to be barely visible which means they are able to be used while out in public too as when at home.

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