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Stay Healthy This Fall With Tips From Medical Translation Service

We are well into fall, and it is time to keep our guard up and keep fitness in high gear. That means it’s time for a new killer workout program and a fat burning diet to keep those holiday pounds off and keep that scale idle and hopefully edging downward. In the words of our Medical Translation coordinator, “Get fit or be fat!”

Like many people, you would probably prefer to strut out to greet your Thanksgiving Day guests with a body that will make your proud. Well, speed and explosiveness are the keys to building a shapely, toned and beautify body. You will be happy to know that there is still time to turn on your hidden inner fat-burner with an exercise regime that that combined high intensity interval training with aerobics and stretches.

Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be great to eat as much as you want without adding a pound? While it sounds like a dream, you can actually do it. The diet provides some heart-healthy menu ideas that are low in carbohydrates, higher in protein, promotes appetite control while limiting limits cravings. One Japanese Translator called the diet an absolute winner! “If you like Texas Barbeque, there are also some great ways to be a heart healthy ‘BBQ Queen or King.” says John Burroughs, a Houston Translation worker. His delicious recipes will satisfy your cravings— but will not increase your waistline! So stay tuned to the Medical Translation report each week and we will provide new food ideas for a healthy diet and creative exercise programs to keep you fit, healthy and sexy. Of course, we will always provide you with all the latest cutting-edge, scientific research on health, fitness, nutrition and fat loss— for a fit and fabulous fall!

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