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Strange Spa Treatments

there seem to be a lot of unusual spa treatments out there, you can not really count them all and it would be hard to do so. Most of them are not found at the usual kinds ofspa hotels but many of them are well worth experiencing if you have never had the chance to before. So without further ado here are some of the most unusual spa treatments you really do need to try out!

Christmas Has Come Early

A spa in Las Vegas gives people the chance of getting away from the reasonably hot and busy climate of the Nevada Desert by sitting in an ice spa. Within this cold spa, snow drops gently from the ceiling and mixes with mint infused air that is always kept at a very fresh 12 degrees. This sounds more painful than anything but apparently it works which is why I am not going to doubt it at all!

A Bit Fishy

Another spa treatment that is a bit unusual is known as the doctor fish spa resort. there have been so many of these kinds of spas opened across the world and the main countries housing them are Japan, South Korea, Singapore and of course China. Garra Rufa and Cyprinion macrostmus are the real names behind these Doctor fish and they stand for two different species of fish. these fish actually live and breed in the spas they are in and they will feed off of the dead skin cells of patients of the spa. although these fish do not actually cure anything they do help to alleviate the symptoms of many foot problems as they get rid of the dead skin and leave the healthy skin to grow.

This treatment is not only for the feet but also can be for the entire body too. I will let someone else I know try this one first before I try anything!

In the end you can choose to do what you want, go toAphrodite hills orle sport St Lucia if you want or get one of these crazy treatments if it is to your liking!

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