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Stress And Our Health

What is healthy life style? All people have their own answers to this question and their own opinions concerning healthy living. But at the same time there are some universal truths which will make all of us agree with them. Below are the most obvious of them which should be born in mind by everybody.

For example, no one can deny that healthy life style is your own choice of actions and decision to improve yourself. It surely involves making right choices concerning your nutrition strategy (eating organic food, for instance, and shying away from all kinds of fast food).

Healthy life style also supposes your regular cardio and strength training. Of course, you are not obliged to become a professional sportsman and live in the gym. But two or three cardio and strength trainings per week are a must for strong health.

As you see, healthy lifestyle is your actions. It is something that you do yourself, but not that happens unexpectedly. You should be confident in your actions and strictly follow all the rules, in order to live healthy.

Nowadays our life is very fast and intensive. In our rush for career, prosperity we focus on other people and events which are far from what life really is. In order to be successful, we try to control the events that do not depend on us. But this gives us nothing except additional stress which is also harmful for our health.

We are too much concerned with clothes, cars, houses, fashionable resorts and other things that serve as indicators of success. We think of other people’s opinions about us and do our best to impress them by our successful career and prosperity. This ends in working round-the-clock and constant stress which does not allow us relaxing. We think that rest is just a waste of time, because it does not contribute to our fortune. Thus we become exhausted and face various problems with health. Unfortunately, we forget that our resource is not endless. We should restore it at least from time to time, in order to rich those exorbitant goals we set.

Regular rest should be an integral part of healthy life style, since it helps to overcome daily stress and better resist it. But we should remember that rest in this case is not night clubs or beer parties with friends. Here we mean sleep, walking in the fresh air etc. – the activities which help to physically and mentally relax and contribute to being healthy. It should be done before you feel exhausted and stressed out. Then it will be too late just to relax. Your state of health will require something more serious, even seeing a doctor and medical treatment. Do you really need it?

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