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Successful Stress Management Strategies Through Easy Fitness

Easy, effective fitness begins with finding fun activities that can be adjusted for your age and ability level. What better way to accomplish this than through home exercise without equipment? Today, many of us live lives so structured, structured down to the last minute seemingly, that we need to kick loose once in a while. Think of it as stress management strategies that don’t add to your workload, nor are one more thing to do, but rather, a fun, spontaneous, enjoyable, even exhilarating experience that you can share with others even.

Simply consider dancing with a purpose. The purpose should include proven stress management strategies such as random and exaggerated body movements, and patterns of movement that are not so much graceful and flowing as they are expressive and releasing. Easy fitness means in part, you don’t have to think about it much, and since most of us do far too much thinking all day long as it is, there really is nothing better than showing up a moment by yourself or with your friends or family, and putting on a little music and letting your body take over.

Random movement is how you access your own human instinct to stretch, and that is among the most effective stress management strategies available. And you don’t have to work at it; you can just have fun doing it. People need a little break once in a while, and here it is. The trick is not to structure the activity so much as to focus on taking the action. And the action of simply moving your body about randomly will literally provide a euphoric experience for both your mind and body.

The wonderful part about doing home exercise without equipment is that instead of having to manage more stuff, you can manage your imagination instead. You can express how you feel, what’s going on for you this 5 minutes through movement, and if you are physically able to move relatively quickly, and shift your weight around with an element of velocity, you can get a lot accomplished as far as exercise is concerned; particularly when it comes to balance and coordination, range of motion, and cardiovascular conditioning. Right there, you have 3 of the 4 elements of exercise accomplished. By merely adding some lightweight dumbbells and continuing to move around randomly, you will then add the strength training, or final factor, into your routine.

Just start by shaking your body. Instead of exercises that actually work counter to the body’s natural movement, practicing this essential Vitalogy movement will allow you to let your body guide you. Think in terms of loose, quick, jerky movements, where one part of your body goes in one direction and another part of your body goes in another. That’s how young people move with youthful mobility. It’s not about winning the “Dancing with the Stars” contest, it is about having a few minutes to be with your body, move it around, enjoy some good music of your choosing, and getting some home exercise without equipment. Why work out with your body when you can have fun and get something done hanging out with it? That’s easy fitness.

It really is that simple – don’t let technology overcomplicate your life. Hearken back to the blissful days of your teenage and young adult years when you could just put on a record and let your body start moving. You didn’t know it then, but you were letting your built-in human instinct to stretch take over. Now you do.

Easy fitness is more about focusing on the action you are taking rather than getting caught up in a cumbersome structure to follow. Nothing is better for clearing the cobwebs out of your head after a long day. Give yourself bonus points for taking just a few minutes to provide yourself with no-cost stress management strategies for better living. This is truly an example of exercise for the rest of us.

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Will Nelson is an author, public speaker, teacher, and life coach. His company, teaches personal empowerment through lifestyle management. He can be reached at E-mail him: [email protected]. Copyright Will Nelson 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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