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Sunglasses are even better in Autumn than Summer

Lots of countries are about to enter Autumn and say goodby to the summer sun. Before you know it, the sun will have turned to rain and the clouds will be grey and the wind blowing all of the leaves off the trees. You certainly wont be needing your sunglasses, or maybe you will?

Every year we put away the sunglasses as the last of the summer sun disapears and we move in to autumn, yet, there are a ton of designer glasses and sunglasses out there, especially for the autumn. If ever there were a time of year to ensure you had great eye wear, then autumn is most definitely it. With the lower angle of the sun, for far longer periods of the day, its harder to drive, harder to see, possibly more than in the summer.

If you also include the wind factor blowing debris and leaves everywhere and figure that some of this might well end up coming your way, it makes sense to ensure you have the proper eye wear for protection.

You dont need to use sunglasses either, even cheap prescription sunglasses can do a great job of keeping the sun from damaging your eyes and keep the blowy debris from iritating them. There is a massive range of men’s and ladies glasses that will help too, including those strange sports glasses you see cricketers wearing that have a chord attached to stop you losing them.

So be smart this autumn, don’t discard your sunglasses just yet, hold on to them for a few months more and hopefully your eyes will thank you for it in the long run.

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