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Symptoms of Depression and its Types

Depression Treatment

The depression symptoms which makes better understanding of depression are, feeling lonely and afraid, avoiding family members and friends. Feeling stressed and tired all the time. Pain in neck, shoulder, leg, head. A person becomes poor in work and making decisions is difficult for him and to women their may be change in menstrual cycle.

People suffering with depression may feel anxiety and fear most of the times. They are in danger of bad things will happen to them and to their closed ones. They have negative feelings most of the times.

Some common symptoms of depression are dry mouth, fatigue, faintness. They may have increased heart beat, cold, shiver and moist hands.

Major depression suffering people have low energy, low moods and difficulty in concentration. They have difficulty sleeping in night times. They are feeling guilty, low in confidence, and think of suicide most of the times.

Bipolar depression people show mood swings and fluctuations in moods. The two important phases of it manic and depressive disorder. Each of the phase have different symptoms. With manic depression people may have symptoms like increased energy, aggressiveness, irritable and speak faster. They are unable to make decisions and lose self confidence.

With depressive disorder they have feeling of hopeless and worthlessness, they may over sleep or face sleeping issues. They are physically ill and lose interest in activities and can even attempt to suicide.

Some times a women can get depressed due to pregnancy which is postpartum depression. It may be for a year after the delivery. The symptoms which are observed are loss in energy, change in appetite, unexplained weight loss or gain, feeling like crying and anxiety. They may feel that someone may harm their baby or some thing bad will happen to them.

If any symptoms of depression appear people need to consult psychotherapist who will treat them through medications, psychotherapies, natural remedies and acupuncture.

One thing the depressive people need to understand is that depression is not forever they need to positive in thinking and set goals which are reachable.

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