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Teeth Whitening Reviews Can Point You In The Right Direction

Teeth Whitening Reviews Can Point You In The Right Direction

An inviting smile can send a message of warmth and approachability, but yellow teeth can make you not feel like smiling much at all. Just a short time ago it seems that the ability to whiten a smile was the providence of celebrities and those with more money. Thankfully, through innovation and accessibility, there are many kinds of whitening systems available and these come hand in hand with many teeth whitening reviews.

Whether it is toothpastes, rinses, gel trays, stick on gels, or in office procedures there is a teeth whitening system that can fit any budget. Staining teeth is relatively simple and can happen through the course of everyday habits like drinking tea, coffee, or wine. While not possessing pristine white teeth is normal, there can be some hesitation to smile when teeth have been visibly stained to a deeper shade of yellow.

Toothpastes are the go-to for anyone looking for some mild and gradual lifting of weak stains. In fact, many types of toothpaste come with automatic whitening agents. The peroxides in these products work over time to brighten your smile at least a shade or two. This is best for those whose smiles are already quite good and they want to prevent any additional stains from developing.

Rinses work much like mouthwash and are usually used in conjunction with whitening toothpaste. Again, this option is not for those who have moderate to deep staining. Intensive at home treatments can include gel trays or stick on gels that adhere directly to the teeth for a few minutes every day and over the course of a week or two can de-stain your teeth up to five shades.

This option is not good for those with sensitive teeth; however and at that point working with a dentist may be your best option. In just one visit you can brighten your smiles ten shades by having a peroxide gel applied to your teeth and activated with a light that works to break up the deepest kinds of staining.

Regardless of your smile, there are hundreds of teeth whitening reviews online that will point you in the right direction.

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