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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Supplementing With Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a product that researchers have been quite excited about for some time now. Researchers are referring to fulvic acid the “Missing Link” of nutrition. Another nickname it has earned is the “Elixer of Life” since if there were no fulvic acid, there would be no life. Even though thousands of studies have been published relating to fulvic acids and their benefits to all living things, it still has had limited public exposure in part due to the fact that it is impossible to commercially synthesize in a lab so there is little money for pharmaceutical companies.

In supplement form, fulvic acid minerals are fantastic for your health. Popular supplements like Vitamin A, C, E and CoQ10 are powerful antioxidants and we all know how good they can be for our health. What most people do not know is that fulvic acid minerals are actually nature’s most powerful antioxidant! Its unique ability to react with both negatively and positively charged unpaired electrons allows it to be able to neutralize free radicals by pairing them with positive electrons or negative electrons depending on the charge of the free radical.

The delivery system of fulvic acid is unmatched. A single molecule of fulvic acid is able to transport more than 60 times its own weight in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. In essence, this makes all nutrients more absorbable. In the process, fulvic acid also aids in improving the integrity of cells and it aids in the detoxification of cells too.

The detoxifying properties of fulvic acid are impressive. They seek out and absorb or react with toxins making them possible to mobilize out of the body through the eliminative organs. The detoxification process takes place at both the cellular as well as systemic levels thanks to their unique electrical properties of the colloid minerals. There are even some studies that suggest that fulvic minerals have the ability to neutralize radiation as well as reduce the damage that it can cause on healthy cells.

Thanks to these impressive health benefits, we are sure to see Pure Fulvic Minerals growing in popularity and becoming more widely recognized for their unique properties.

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