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The Benefits Of The Motability Scheme

Getting around can be more awkward if youre disabled but with the Motability Scheme you may find it a bit easier. If youre entitled to the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Loving Allowance or the War Pensioners Mobility Supplement, you should be able to get a car through the Motability scheme. This is a government back scheme and is here to ensure that having a disability doesn’t mean you have to take away your freedom. Here are a few examples of what else is covered in the Motability Scheme besides the cost of the actual car.

The Motability Scheme doesn’t just present you with an old banger and expect you to get on with it. Not only do you get to pick a brand new car, you can also trade it in for another new car every three years. The whole point of this scheme is that its accommodating to disabled people so any custom adaptations will be made to your new vehicle too. Motability are there to ensure your car is as comfortable and safe as possible

Disabled vehicles will also come with free fully comprehensive insurance. Any paper work needed will be kept as minimal as possible and factors like any no claims discounts will still be kept under the Motability insurance plan.

Youll also find you dont have to worry about routine maintenance with a Motability scheme vehicle. A full breakdown service comes as standard with the car. Not only are all your servicing needs covered by the Scheme, but if anything needs fixing this will also usually be sorted for you too. Any tyre replacements along with window and windscreens will also be covered by the Scheme.

Only things like perishables and day to day essential fluids and liquids are you responsibility. Things like fuel and oil and any engine liquids will be your responsibility. And parking tickets ad speeding fines will also be your responsibility too. 60,000 miles is the usual limit youll have on a standard three year contract.

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