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The Best Foods for Women

Each and every woman should bear in mind that what you eat would clearly show up in your physical appearance. Not only are you accountable for what you eat, but you are as well accountable for the things you do. You should avoid alcoholic drinks, smoking cigarettes, and other vices that would do harm to your health. Staying positive and getting a good night’s rest does wonders for you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Reality of Aging Women

Women are fragile and they are prone to illness especially as they age. There are a few ways to slow the aging process. You need to always remember that you do not have to feel sad about getting old. How you feel deep inside is what should matter to you. No matter how many lines are showing up on your face, what matters is that they are happy smiles. Women are more prone to suffer the effects of the fluctuation of their hormones. Most women encounter what is known as the menopausal period. For the teenagers, there is the influence of peer pressure as well. 

Women who are in their forties are usually more prone to have illnesses due to their hormonal changes than the younger women. Women should look into their health as a priority. Eating healthy food would make you look and feel younger. Not only will you look good when you are on a healthy diet, but physically you would be in a great shape and feel great.

Recommended Food for Women

To slow down the aging process, you should indulge in foods rich in antioxidants such as kidney beans, blue berries, plums, strawberries, artichokes, blackberries, pecans, cherries, honey, and apples. Not only do these foods contain anti aging properties but they also lessen the risk for cardiovascular diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. 

In order to improve your bone health, you should eat leafy greens, sesame seeds, beans, low fat yogurt, tofu, and eggs. Bear in mind that women are more prone to bone degradation that would eventually lead to osteoporosis in their later years.

To prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, you should have canola oil, skinless poultry, egg substitutes, cabbage, raspberries, grapes, and onions in your diet.

To keep your skin looking young and healthy, you should have a hearty meal with avocados, green tea, carrots, spinach, cantaloupe, citrus fruits, bananas, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, hazel nuts, olives, Brazil nuts, cottage cheese, and walnuts.

Being Healthy Inside and Out

The health needs of women range from extra iron during their childbearing years to calcium and vitamin D for bone health. In order to achieve the overall good health any woman would want, you should have flax seed, kale, pumpkin, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, dark meat, broccoli, salmon, mangoes, figs, and kiwi as part of your diet to help you stay healthy.

In order to stay healthy, you should always remember that you have to feel good with yourself inside and out.

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Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Abortion Clinics in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women, including Abortion Clinics , physical examinations, family planning , counseling, laboratory services.

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