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The causes of piles that you should choose to avoid

Piles or haemorrhoids to give them their proper name, affects around half of the world population and most will experience them at some point throughout their lives. Once you have suffered from one bout of piles, it is very likely that the condition will reappear at a later point and will definitely happen again.

In most cases, piles are nothing more than an inconvenience. Most of the cases disappear whilst untreated and only last a couple of days, usually 3 or 4 days on average. Sometimes however, as with most medical conditions, there are cases which are more serious and will definitely require piles treatment to relive symptoms and end the discomfort.

Piles are a swelling and inflammation around the rectum. They’re really blood vessels that for reasons we shall discuss in a moment, have been caused to swell up and can become very tender, and occasionally painful. In more chronic situations, the pain could be very severe, but once more, this really is one thing that we shall touch on more later.

Why do we get them? Well, you will find several danger factors that improve the chances of piles developing and thus requiring hemorrhoid treatment. They include standing upright for protracted periods of time. The design from the human body is such that standing in an upright position increases pressure about the rectal region (just through sheer weight as well as the force of gravity), which in turn exerts pressure about the blood vessels in the rectal area. By the same token, prolonged periods of sitting can also lead to piles building too.

Other circumstances that can exacerbate the danger of piles building and thus requiring treatment for piles are: straining whilst passing stools, difficulty in going to the toilet (constipation), diarrhea, becoming overweight or obese, and for ladies, pregnancy can also be a feasible cause or danger enhancer, most frequently during the final trimester as this really is when most pressure is becoming exerted about the uterus. Anal sex is an additional danger factor.

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