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The Danger of a Mold Spore Allergy

There is a little known problem called severe mold allergy or mold poisoning. When you live in certain parts of the United States that are known to be very wet, you can have problems with mold allergies and not even know it. Mold allergies can make you violently ill, so be on the look out. If you are sick and the Dr. Cannot put his finger on the cause, ask about a mold spore allergy and mold allergy treatment.

People who live in the Deep South and other Mediterranean climates often have mold in their homes. You may not see this mold, which is a big problem. When you have black mold growing in the walls and base boards of your home, you may not know about it for years. Another common issue is getting black mold spores in your heat and air conditioning ducts.

Toxic black mold spores can be growing in between walls in your home and eating away at your house and your health. The biggest problem with black mold allergy is that no one is very good at spotting it. People can go on, suffering symptoms of this awful allergy for weeks, months or years without knowing what the cause is. People have even died from black mold allergies. Unfortunately, the cause of death wasn’t understood until the individual was dead.

Most mold allergy sufferers don’t realize that their bodies are slowly being poisoned. By the time they find out how sick they are, it’s almost too late. There really isn’t much testing that is done for mold allergies. It’s scary but people often die from mold allergies because no one could put their finger on what was causing the bizarre symptoms, to begin with.

If you’ve suffered through ages of hair loss, anxiety, mood changes and other unexplained symptoms, have your Dr. Run a mold allergy test on you. Chances are you are severely allergic to the often unnoticeable substance. Many are not diagnosed before they become so ill that they simply cannot function. Get help before it’s too late. If you suspect black mold poisoning or that you have a mold allergy, get help immediately.

Depending on how deep your contamination is, there are a variety of mold allergy treatment plans that can be followed. The first is to put you on an anti fungal medication. This will begin to break up the mold in your blood and in any organs that it may have affected. If you don’t have an extreme case of mold allergy poisoning, you should not have to get a blood transfusion.

One way to help in the future with this allergy issue is to make sure that any time you know you’re going to be around the contaminant, arm your body first. Cromolyn is the only anti histamine that was designed for mold allergies. You can get Cromolyn in nasal spray or oral tablet. Either one will help you deal with your mold allergy.

If you’ve truly got questions about whether or not you’re allergic to mold, get seen by a doctor, right away. Mold allergies are nothing to make light of. Find out what is making you sick today and ask your doctor about mold allergy treatments.

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