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The Disadvantage in using Traditional Breath Fresheners

Traditional breath fresheners can contain a lengthy list of chemicals, alcohol and additives that can be hard on the sensitive tissues of the mouth. Most types of breath fresheners only mask the odors and never get to the heart of the problem. If the cause is never eliminated the problem will remain and bad breath will never be resolved. In many cases, traditional breath fresheners only make bad breath worse. Bacteria inside the mouth are usually kept under control with regular brushing and flossing. Regular dental checkups can also help identify any problems before they get worse. Bacteria grow well in the dark, moist environment of the mouth and as they grow and feed they release sulfur compounds that produce the odors that we associate with bad breath. Bacteria that are not properly removed will continue to grow and can lead to a variety of tooth and gum problems including severe gum infections, tooth loss, and even infect other areas of the body by entering the blood stream. Gum disease has even been linked to higher occurrences of heart attack and stroke, and preterm labor. Traditional breath fresheners fail in many ways. First, most breath fresheners contain chemicals that simply are not necessary or effective at removing the source of the odorsthe bacteria. If they do remove bacteria it is usually a temporary fix. Mouthwashes that are used to freshen the breath often contain high amounts of alcohol. This alcohol dries out the tissues inside the mouth and as bacteria continue to grow they can’t be washed away with saliva and this intensifies their odor, making your bad breath worse than when you started. Peppermint or other mint oils are key ingredients and are often used in natural breath fresheners. Mint is naturally antibacterial and has been used for centuries to treat many types of infection throughout the body. The bacteria inside the mouth can be eliminated well with mint oils. Regular use of oils like peppermint and spearmint can help prevent the overall growth of bacteria, freshen breath naturally as well and may benefit your mouth and body by eliminating unnecessary chemicals or upsetting the balance of your mouth.

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