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The Methods Done In Dental Whitening

The Methods Done In Dental Whitening

Dental whitening is also referred to as dental bleaching or tooth bleaching. This is a common method done in general dentistry but is practically specialized in the field of cosmetic dentistry. As one grows older, the mineral structures of the tooth alters and consequently becomes darker compared to the tooth of children. Also, because old people have eaten a lot of different foods, bacteria could accumulate from it leading to a stained tooth. Smoking could also cause tooth stain.

A lot of ways are being done now to whiten the tooth. Some can be done at home while some really needs an expert to perform tooth whitening. These methods include the application of beaching strips, laser whitening, beaching gels, and natural bleaching. The traditional way can readily be done at home through the use of either a whitening gel and thin guard trays or small strips which can deal with the front teeth.

Oxidizing agents can also be employed in teeth whitening. As oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide go into the enamel, it oxidizes the stained parts of the teeth near that area. The continuous application could cause the dentin layer just underneath the enamel to be bleached too. The discoloration of dentin may be treated with internal bleaching. However, internal bleaching could not suffice if the stain is not mild anymore because when there is heavy staining, you probably need oxidizing agents to go over into the stained parts.

Once the tetracycline in the teeth is destructed, or once there is heavy staining, the use of a coating with a composite material might help. The blue light could mask the stained area. So do not worry, a lot of options are available for you.

For gel bleaching, two methods could actually be employed or done. One of the two will use highly concentrated gel while the other will utilize diluted gel. One can do this even at home. You have just to be extra careful in dealing with the chemicals and other ingredients. The chemicals can be purchased online or in some dental stores.

You actually have a lot of options when you want to do dental whitening. You can do some procedures on your own but it is still advisable that you will go and ask advices from your dentist. It always feels good to have a clean, healthy, and white teeth.

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