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The Newest Way to Pearly Whites – Laser Bleaching

Laser Bleaching For The teeth: The Newest Way to A Dazzling Smile

The use of lasers is a modern technologies which has completely revolutionized both medical and aesthetic remedies. Nowadays, virtually any aesthetic issue can be treated via laser, including stained and tarnished teeth. Laser bleaching for teeth may be the most effective way to bleach teeth and produce a pearly white smile. Over time, tooth enamel begins to wear out and teeth become yellowed or grey. While teeth themselves are usually off white and not pure white, having less than pure white teeth is often a source of embarrassment.

The teeth can become discolored by eating and smoking. Coffee, soda, especially caffeinated drinks and red wine can wear out tooth enamel. In addition, teeth become yellow by improper oral care. You will find several methods to reverse tooth discoloration: whitening strips, gels, and hydrogen peroxide whitening treatments administered in cosmetic dentists’ offices. Of all the methods currently available, the most potent one is laser whitening.

How It is Done

A dentist will first thoroughly clean both the teeth and also the gum line. After the cleaning, the aesthetic dentist will apply a powerful whitening gel towards the tooth surface and having a higher intensity laser, set the bleach into the tooth enamel, permitting it to penetrate. The laser treatment produces very dramatic results in less than one hour.

Potential Side effects

Most patients do not note unwanted effects, except for hot-cold sensitivity. There is no downtime and laser is extremely effective and painless, with no healing needed.

Final Results

For optimal results, more than one sitting might be required. For particularly sensitive patients, a number of sittings may be required. Nevertheless, because laser whitening is the strongest method of bleaching obtainable, it’s possible to achieve teeth that are up to five shades whiter after the very first therapy. Results that are possible through a number of visits are frequently seen inside a single visit.

Why To Try It

Simply because technology is powerful and revolutionary and will cancel out even probably the most stubborn discoloration, bleaching is an effective option when other the teeth bleaching methods fail.

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