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Times Of Fear In Puerto Vallarta

Swine flu has infected a few people and has managed to spread fear in the rest of the millions of people in Mexico. The rhythm of Mexico City has greatly been affected as this busy city saturated with warm friendly people is suddenly empty now. People prefer staying at home and are avoiding meeting with people too much. Catholic Masses were canceled on Sunday everywhere and the soccer teams played for an empty stadium. The rising death toll, the unknown cause and treatment of this disease has forced many to avoid public transport and stay home as much as possible. Fifteen people are expected to have died because of the virus already all between the age of 25 and 37. Perhaps young adults have been victims so far because they tend to hang out more in public places. Though this strain has never been seen before, it shows similarities to the Spanish influenza epidemic which occurred in 1918- 1919 and killed millions of people.

Michelle Mohr says “This is a time for appropriate precautions but do not panic.” The US has not issued any travel warnings for travelers yet, however the airlines are showing more flexibility for those who want to change their tickets. American Airlines and United Airlines are offering travel waiver to customers for their convenience.

This is a stressful period for the country, but you can make an effort to unwind and relax at healthy places. Try Acro Yoga which is an amalgamation of yoga, acrobats and massage. This thrilling new experience will help calm your nerves. Meet Richard Baimbridge who has gathered years of experience from various places all over the world. Richard Baimbridge is now holding classes here in his hometown. He excels in English, Spanish and Mandarin, so residents, immigrants and tourists can all try this new experience.

26th April, Sunday morning was celebrated with P.E.A.C.E as they hosted a fundraising at La Desembocada. P.E.A.C.E dedicated this day to peddling which turned out to be more of a fun activity than a competition. The race began from Le Desembocada, a town that lies 15 kilometers away from Puerto Vallarta. Participants had to bring their own bikes with sturdy tires. Participants were given the option to chose from three various levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced. The race had something for the spectators as well. Raffle tickets were sold out in plenty for a bike gear. T- Shirts for this event, costing only $200 pesos were also sold out.

It is no surprise that Club Manana continues to remain the most favorite club for some gay fun. This famous club lies in Jalisco and if you still haven’t been to any of the performances hosted by Club Manana then make a move now. Kim Kuzma and Joanna’s last shows will be held on the 28th and the 30th of April. With combined efforts both of them rocked the stage in their previous performances. The show will start at 10 pm, so make sure you go late because that is the right time to find gay friendly company.

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