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Tips to Keep Your Heart in Great Shape

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There are many of us who are trying to be healthier in every way.  It can be quite difficult in a down economy, considering that the healthiest foods seem to be the highest priced.  Here are a few tips at eating a little healthier:  Avoiding ingredients like hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, and high fructose corn syrup.

Hydrogenated oils are a thick, sticky, ingredient, that is very aptly named.  That is, hydrogenated oils are oils (usually vegetable oil) that have been mixed with hydrogen, creating a pasty solid.  A good example of hydrogenated oils is vegetable shortening.  Shortening is, very basically, pure hydrogenated oil.  Imagine eating shorting with a spoon, straight out of the container.

As hydrogenated oil goes down your throat, and through your digestive system, your body cannot digest this pasty mess; it doesn’t know what to do with it, and it ends up in your bloodstream, collecting to the walls of your blood vessels and arteries.  This is what causes an artery clog, and later, a heart attack.

Hydrogenated oils are most commonly found in foods like crackers, peanut butter, and any type of processed foods that are designed to last longer (hydrogenated oils are a type of preservative).

Saturated fats have generally the same effect on the body as hydrogenated oils.  Consumption of saturated fats can lead to heart disease.  It is theorized that saturated fat intake also increases chances of breast tumors.  These fats are highest in dairy products and fatty meats (red meats).

High fructose corn syrup is another ingredient found in processed foods.  It is basically a sweetener used in place of sugar.  It costs less than sugar, and is therefore found in a large amount of foods.

High fructose corn syrup is most common in liquid foods, such as drinks and juices, toppings and condiments, and can also be found in other foods.  It hardens your arteries, decreasing efficiency and blood flow.

In closing, remember to avoid the ingredients high fructose corn syrup, saturated fats, and hydrogenated oils.  It has been said that these three are the worst things you can put into your body, as they all eventually cause heart trouble.  On top of that, everyone knows to exercise, and how important that is to have a strong, healthy heart!  Just keep these simple tips in mind and you will have a much healthier body.

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