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Tooth Whitener For A Stunning Smile

How Tooth Whitener Can Give You A Better Smile

We all change as we get older, wrinkles may form and skin may sag but our teeth also age and can look older. This is usually because of staining from food we eat and the things we drink like red wine and coffee. All will have an affect on the color of our teeth but tooth whitener can really lift them and make a difference.

But how do you know if it will work for you? Some people say nothing seems to work whilst others will swear by the latest product in their local pharmacy. There are also procedures that dentists use but they do cost a lot of money sometimes. The choice is up to you however you may be limited by finances or by time.

The things you can buy in shops that you brush your teeth with or apply to the surface of the tooth may work for those who only have mild problems with discoloration. For heavy smokers or wine lover they may find that this won’t really change the look of their teeth and they will need to go for a stronger option.

But if you teeth are heavily stained either from smoking or even from certain types of medication you will need to look at a more professional and long lasting option, these are the types of processes that are only offered by dentists. Again you may see beauty salons offering these services but they won’t be as strong.

A dental practise will tell you which of their options are best for you. They usually offer 2 different ways of whitening. One involves having trays custom made that you then use yourself at home with a specially formulated gel. The other involves you having a stronger gel put on your teeth which is then activated by a UV light in the dentists chair.

The other option is to have trays custom made and the patient applies the treatment to the trays and wears them overnight, usually for around 1 to 2 weeks. Often they will go back to the office for a final boost with a stronger solution for 15 minutes or so.

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