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Tooth Whitening Gel — A Simple Way To Whiter Teeth

Getting Whiter Teeth With A Tooth Whitening Gel

Applying a tooth whitening gel is a popular and safe way to whiten pearly whiles which have become yellow or grey over time. Many people desire to correct their smiles and achieve whiter teeth and the cosmetic industry is a billion dollar industry devoted to helping people brighten and whiten their smile.

Smoking, poor oral hygiene and consuming certain beverages like caffeinated colas, red wine and coffee can all tarnish tooth enamel, resulting in yellow or grey stained teeth.

Thankfully, there are several ways to reverse the discoloration and whiten tarnished teeth. One relatively inexpensive option that produces natural looking results is using a whitening gel. The gels can whiten teeth by several shades over a period of a few days and superficial discoloration.

The Procedure

Prescription grade whitening gels are applied by cosmetic dentists. They contain either hydrogen or cerbamide peroxide which penetrate the enamel, making teeth whiter and dissolving stains. A gel is applied to the tooth surface and penetrates the teeth, producing a whitening effect.

Over the counter gels are also sold and can produce effective but less dramatic effects. Major oral hygiene brand names sell over the counter gels. While convenient for home use and to eliminate mild discoloration, whitening gels must be left on for at least two hours to take effect.

Side Effects

Side effects associated with at tooth bleaching are generally not serious, however, a certain amount of tooth sensitivity is expected. Hot/cold sensitivity during and after the treatment is common, as well as sensitivity to blasts of air. Applying a desensitizing gel to the tooth surface should help alleviate discomfort. Gums may become whiter as well, however this will fade over a few hours. Hot and spicy foods should be avoided post-treatment.

Who Can Try It

Anyone who desires to brighten and whiten their own smile can try whitening gels. They are safe to use, and can make a dramatic improvement in reversing yellowing teeth, producing confidence. People with severe staining may wish to consider laser whitening, which is a more intense treatment to correct severely stained teeth.

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