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Top Men’s Fitness Tips for a Great Abs Workout

If you are looking to tame that gut, get back in shape, or finally define that set of six pack abs that you have always wanted, then there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help maximize your results. If you haven’t worked out in awhile or still cling to the types of exercise routines that you learned in elementary school physical education classes, then you may be in for a surprise. The latest research in sports medicine and men’s fitness informs us that many of these outdated exercises are not only ineffective, but can also cause unwanted injuries and strain as well.

Take the sit-up for example. Perhaps the type of sit-up that you learned was arms crossed behind your neck in which you jerk your neck forward and use your arms to pull up from the floor. However, newer research suggests that sit-ups are only effective if you pay close attention to your form and execute these exercises properly. When doing a sit-up, your feet should always remain flat on the floor and your arms should stay out to your side and parallel to your body.

If you are also accustomed to those grade school push-ups, then it may be hard to consider anything similar to that as being a great abs workout, but men’s health and fitness experts suggest that the plank can provide a lot of beneficial results. The plank begins in a position much like a push-up, but the weight of your body rests on your forearm instead.

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