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Trench Mouth Symptoms

Trench mouth is a severe case of gingivitis. Gingivitis is an condition and swelling of the gums due to plaque build-up and germs. However, if gingivitis is not treated, the bacteria grow out of control resulting in the trench mouth. Trench mouth was first detected at the time of the First World War during World War I, soldiers who were stuck fighting in the trenches were unable to maintain adequate oral hygiene thus resulting in gingivitis. As their gingivitis worsened, the bacteria within their mouth grew out of control and developed into trench mouth. Trench mouth destroys and damages the delicate tissue of gum that support the teeth. If the results of infection in the trench mouth are not cured, the infection worsens, spreads, and causes sores in the mouth wide. These sore are filled with bacteria, food particles, and decaying gum tissue. This ulcer also causes intense pain in the mouth, mouth ulcers and bad breath. In the United States, there are not many cases of trench mouth. Trench mouth is rampant in third world countries or new developing countries which have poor living conditions and poor nutrition. For those people suffering from trench foot in the U.S. is generally the result of poor oral hygiene, smoking, stress, nutritional deficiencies and reduce the immune system. For those people doubt that they may be suffering from trench mouth, it is fairly easy to examined to prevent any further infection. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of trench mouth include: * Severe gum pain * Ulcers between the teeth and on the gums * Bad breath * Foul taste in the mouth * Bleeding gums * Red and/or swollen gums * Pain when eating and/or swallowing * Gray film on the gums * Fever * Swollen lymph nodes around the head, neck, and/or jaw

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