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Trench Mouth, The Reason Causing It

Trench mouth is a painful inflammation of the gums, which can interrupt daily life. The swelling, redness, bleeding, mouth ulcers and pain are the main symptoms with trench mouth. Trench mouth is named at the beginning of World War II, soldiers which are often infected with the disease. Trench mouth is not common in this present moment, but he remains. Trench mouth is caused by a bacteria, the main factor. Bacteria live inside and outside our bodies and are essential to normal body functions. However, the bacteria inside the mouth can easily invade. The environment within the mouth is perfect for bacteria to multiply. Moisture, darkness and an abundance of food sources makes it the perfect place to grow. We try to eliminate the bacteria by good oral hygiene habits (brushing and flossing), but if the bacteria are not removed properly can develop infection. Bacteria along the gums and teeth for the production of sulfur compounds, as they feed and grow. These compounds irritate the gums and cause swelling and redness. If bacteria are still not removed infection will work deeper into the mouthbelow the gum line and possibly even to the supporting ligaments and bone of the face and jaw. Tooth loss is common to any gum disease untreated gum disease. Trench mouth is responding well to treatment usually involves the removal of bad bacteria, pain medication, and salt water and / or hydrogen peroxide rinse. Antibiotics may also be used to treat trench mouth. While antibiotics may help, the source of infection must be removed to cure completely. Food particles and other debris may lodge in the sores around the teeth and bacteria will still be present even if you are taking antibiotics. This is why brushing and flossingeven if it is painful, is still the best way to remove and keep bacteria under control.

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