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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • » Real World DC (Health Care Remix) – Big Government: The true story… of 535 politicians…picked to l.. #
  • Instapundit » Blog Archive » HOPE: Schwarzenegger says health care …: HOPE: Schwarzenegger says health care b.. #
  • At Last, Health Security – Laugh Lines Blog – News Parody | From the Borowitz Report: Full Body Sc.. #
  • Better habits could help trim bloated health care system …: SACRAMENTO, Calif. _ We've resolved to eat better.. #
  • The health insurance excise tax – Paul Krugman Blog – Bottom line: the details of the excise tax s.. #
  • Abbott's bogus health care claims – Off the Kuff: The warning from Abbott, a Republican, comes as Congress .. #
  • The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.: The penguin shines across the loving hydrogen.

    #health #

  • Actuary Still Sees Increase in Health Spending – Prescriptions …: The chief actuary of the federal Centers fo.. #
  • Hillary's New Health Crusade – Page 1 – The Daily Beast: In a major speech yesterday, the Secretary of Stat.. #
  • Matthew Yglesias » Health Care and Wages: Proponents of the health insurance “excise tax” say that if we moved .. #
  • Health Care, the Unstoppable Force – Economix Blog – Even as overall payrolls continue to plummet,.. #
  • How the World Balances Health Care Risk – Economix Blog – A number of countries offer citizens a w.. #
  • Your Diet Personality And Making Changes One Step At A Time: Your diet personality is probably a lot li..
    #health #
  • On Health Care Bill, Nelson to Fight for All States – The Caucus …: Under fire over his success in winning pl.. #
  • Hot Air » Blog Archive » 2008 bent the health-care cost-increase …: Health spending topped $2.3 trillion in 2.. #
  • Firedoglake » Cadillac Flip Flop: Obama Was Against Health Plan …: The House version of the legislation conta.. #
  • The ChamberPost: Health Care to Nowhere: by Kevin Ganster One of the few prominent Republican supporters of the.. #
  • Health Care's Biggest Hypocrite — Or Hero – Opinionator Blog …: Mitt Romney should have the courage of hi.. #
  • FDL Action » How The Senate Health Care Bill Could Redline Minorities: I believe state regulation of health ins.. #
  • Schwarzenegger Withdraws Support for Democrats' Health Care Reform …: In his annual “State of the State” .. #
  • Reconciling Health Reform Taxes and Fees on Individuals and …: $5 billion for reforming the definition of med.. #
  • US health care system pronounced healthy : Effect Measure: The Editors of Effect Measure are senior public heal.. #
  • GayPatriot » Transparency in Health Care Overhaul? Ha!: As House and Senate Democrats work to to reconcile the .. #
  • FDL News Desk » House Leadership Speaks On Health Care Negotiations: Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the le.. #
  • The Causes Of Rectal Prolapse: Rectum is usually referred to the lowest 12 to 15 centimeters of the lar..
    #health #
  • AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Health Insurance CEO's $73 Million Bonus Covers …: Meanwhile, the House and Senate lea.. #
  • Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Brokaw says we should emulate …: Video: Brokaw says we should emulate Oregon'.. #
  • Green Valley News & Sun – News > News > Hometown hero committed to …: “What an honor it is for me t.. #
  • IRONY ALERT: Rush Limbaugh Touts Socialist Health Care (UPDATED …: Idea of the Day: Improve the Health Care W.. #
  • Fat Loss Review – The Eating Out Diet: So how do we do it, the eating out diet? We have had the revelat..
    #health #
  • Inside Ireland's Desperate Attempt To Conceal The Health Of Its …: For countries under fiscal stress, the.. #
  • Catholic Hospitals Back Health Care; Bart Continues to Whine …: I hope that the Catholic Health Associationâ .. #
  • Health insurance generates most complaints to DOI in '09: On an average working day last year the Missouri .. #
  • How to Cure Constipation and Hemorrhoids:
    By constipation hard stool assembles in the lower colon or r..
    #health #
  • IRONY ALERT: Rush Limbaugh Touts Socialist Health Care | the …: His treatment, under the Hawaiian system, and.. #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03:
    Moran and Brownstein Take Swipes at Limbaugh's Health Syste..
    #health #

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