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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • If Brown wins, the House may pass health bill in a panic …: Mark Tapscott has explored the question of whether a… #
  • Health-Care System: Feds Push New Paperless Effort – DailyFinance: With most US hospitals and doctors' offices sti… #
  • The Health Care Blog: Grand Rounds: Can Food Be Health care?: A weekly synthesis of the best posts from the medica… #
  • Free Cuban Health Care « John Stossel: Michael Moore, in his movie Sicko, lauds Cuban health care. Everyone gets f… #
  • Opponents plan state initiatives to fight health care overhaul …: Two Republican state lawmakers are floating pr… #
  • Philip Greenspun's Weblog » Is the Health Care bill unconstitutional?: As a matter of federal law, he will be requ… #
  • What Are Democrats Planning for Health Care Reform if They Lose …: Jake Tapper and Jonathan Karl report: Congres… #
  • Dissident Voice : Monopolies Control Health Insurance: Calling for 'strict controls of insurance company monopolie… #
  • Right Wing Nut House » 5 HEALTH CARE REFORM SCENARIOS IF BROWN WINS: The panicked Democrats are thrashing about tr… #
  • Cheap College Student Health Insurance Plans: University Health …: For students studying both at home and abroad… #
  • Yeshaswini Health Insurance: Hi, My Mother inlaw is from rural part of bangalore district, Karnataka and they are … #
  • Existing Health Conditions & Travel Insurance: What is Travel …: Health coverage is a key feature of a travel in… #
  • Conn. AG sues Health Net over 'ethically unacceptable' data breach …: In what he is calling a “historic” lawsuit… #
  • Will Health Care Reform Cause Nevada To Drop Out Of Medicaid …: Last month, I noted the possibility that health … #
  • FDL News Desk » Major P.R. Push To Assure Observers That Health …: There's a major push by House leaders today t… #
  • Weiner: Health Bill Will Pass House | The Plum Line: A key boost for the health care bill. Dem Rep Anthony Weiner,… #
  • Digital health records: Putting privacy on par with efficiency …: Modernizing health records and delivery means … #
  • Wee-Hour Health Talks Focus on Costs – Prescriptions Blog …: White House and Congressional officials worked pass… #
  • The Early Word: Health Tax Deal – The Caucus Blog – Democrats and union leaders seem to have reached … #
  • California trial hears gay marriage would increase health and …: California trial hears gay marriage would incre… #
  • Health care negotiators close in on agreement as informal deadline …: WASHINGTON (AP) – After months of divisive… #
  • Lawmakers agree to scale back tax on health plans | McClatchy: The White House, congressional leaders and union of… #
  • Obama Seeks to Reassure Democrats on Health Care Reform …: President Obama said this evening that the nation is … #
  • AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Health Care Tax: Union Leaders Outline Big …: Following two days of intense negotiations at t… #
  • Unions Win Key Concessions in Health Care Negotiations – Political …: The White House, congressional Democrats, … #
  • Tentative Deal on the Cadillac Health Insurance Plans Reached …: As Democratic leaders head into a second day of… #
  • Weight Loss – Right Diet Keeps Diseases Away: It is always better to prevent than to cure, especially where… #health #
  • Democratic Leaders Reach Compromise on Taxing Health Plans …: White House and Congressional negotiators say they… #
  • The Mahablog » Entitled to Health Care: There is a mega-question about whether “market forces” could ever create a… #
  • Pet Health Insurance Grows as Pets Live Longer and Healthier Lives: For good pet health, and financial security pe… #
  • How To Lose Weight – Calories, How Do I Reduce Them?: OK, so now you are asking the question “how..
    #health #
  • FDL Action » Wendesday Health Care Highlights: For almost the entirety of the health care debate, the Obama Adm.. #
  • Lieberman Disputes Reid's Account of Health Bill Wrangling – The …: The Connecticut senator, who had obje.. #
  • Harold Ford's Play Against Obama Health Care Bill – The Note: As Harold Ford Jr. contemplates a Senate run .. #
  • United States Health Care Spending « The Baseline Scenario: The vast discrepancy between what we spend on healt.. #
  • Perez Hilton: 'NSyncer Becomes A Dad Again After Horrible Health …: Since 2004, Hollywood's most hated we.. #
  • » Make the Final Health Care Talks Public – Big Government: Republicans are continuing to insist on behalf of t.. #
  • State pays for 'misinformation' about reproductive health …: But according to experts, some of these .. #
  • House Dems mount health assault – Patrick O'Connor and Kasie Hunt …: A wave of rank-and-file House Democr.. #
  • Health Search Wars: Bing Enhances Results While Google Expands Flu …: Bing has updated its health search resu.. #
  • Why Does Health Care Cost So Much? – Prescriptions Blog – Why is health care in America so expensi.. #
  • Measuring Progress When Working Out for the First Time: Most weight loss programs involve working out. ..
    #health #
  • Wonk Room » Health Insurance Industry Contributed Millions To …: Last September, ThinkProgress reported that .. #
  • 'Big Government' Health Care – Economix Blog – The federal government released its latest .. #
  • Microsoft adds new health-search capabilities to Bing | All about …: Microsoft has 'turned on' enhancements t.. #
  • Poll: Obama's Ratings on Health Care, Economy Drop Lower – The …: A new CBS polls shows fewer Americans a.. #
  • Hollywood, Where Most Health Plans Are “Cadillacs,” Worries About …: Hollywood, where "Cadillac" health plans.. #
  • Poll: More Think Health Care Reform Isn't Ambitious Enough | The …: Could Obama's dip to new lows on heal.. #
  • Swine Flu Vaccine, Chickens and Public Health – Health Blog – WSJ: We review the career options for birds inter.. #
  • Health and Science Tidbits – All Points Blog: The story, in short, is that a blizzard at the Pine Ridge Indian .. #
  • The Master Cleanse Recipe!: The Master Cleanse Diet is a product that can help you lose weight from bui..
    #health #
  • In Health Reform, Abortion Not the Only Fight | A society that would force a woman to carry.. #
  • AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | Tell Congress: Don't Tax Working Families …: Today, union leaders are meeting with Pre.. #
  • Union Chief Blasts Health Benefits Tax – The Caucus Blog – The head of the AFL-CIO cautioned that .. #
  • FDL Action » Health Care Reform to Date: So Very Far From Perfect: The most common defense of the Senate health.. #
  • Mandatory health insurance becomes an issue | McClatchy: The so-called individual mandate, a centerpiece of the.. #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10:
    » Real World DC (Health Care Remix) – Big Gove..
    #health #
  • Even in Massachusetts, weak support for Dem health care bill …: The race to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy.. #
  • Renewed Commitment to Reproductive Health Has Implications for …: Secretary Clinton made a commitment to wome.. #
  • Girl Zines, Tiger Woods, and Health Care Reform Hysteria …: Download 2010 starts with more health care nonsen.. #
  • Getting Health Insurance Cover in France | Internet Marketing Tutorial: Health Insurance in France and E106 for.. #
  • Scott Brown election certification delayed for Health Care Bill …: Scott Brown, election certification delaye.. #

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