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Understanding BiPolar Disorder Symptoms

This article is about what manic depression is, and its symptoms. If you are wondering whether you suffer from manic depression or not, then this article might be very useful for you.

Manic Depression Symptoms – A Brief Guide:

Manic Depression is a medical state where a person’s moods swing considerably between abnormal highs and low mood behavior. This disorder is also known as bipolar disease because here the moods rapidly alternate between high and low.

People suffering from bipolar illness witness very dramatic changes in their mood. Further, it affects their thinking capacity and therefore they have difficulty taking judgments.

These people can get irritated very easily. They have a short temper and are usually aggressive in their dealings with others. They might not get along well with other people.

Some of the common manic depression symptoms are as follows:

* Unhappy or sad feelings
* anxious thoughts
* being in a bad mood a lot of times
* feelings of guilt, worthlessness
* cannot concentrate properly or make decisions easily
* chronic pain or continuous bodily pain or injury

Manic depression patients have such fluctuations in their moods that it can get unbearable sometimes. At one time, the person may feel highly confident. He may display high energy levels and will be smiling. During such moments, the person may not feel much need for rest.

Then there is the other state in which the patient suffers from low confidence. He may think himself as worthless. Coming from a state of high confidence, this low confidence state becomes all the more difficult to handle.

In many cases, the patients are not aware they are going through bipolar disorder. They don’t view their high states as problematic ones because they experience pleasurable feelings in those. However, even the high states have their own problems.

In some severe cases of manic depression, the patients can even experience hallucinations like feeling the presence of others even when they are not actually present.

Don’t ignore the manic depression symptoms for a long time. It is best to get treatment as early as possible for this disorder as it can affect your family life, career and relationships.

The main problem with manic depression is that the patients may become aggressive and not interact properly with people. They might not get along nicely with their colleagues, friends, relatives or even their spouse and children. However, the good news is that this disorder is not so common when compared to other types of depression.

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