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Vibrating Gym Equipment For Rapid Toning

Recent research has discovered that using vibrating trainer can help increase the speed at which you loose weight and tone up simply by performing your regular regime using a vibrating plate. Because vibrating machines intensify the amount of work your muscles need to do to keep you stable you find that you will receive a number of benefits that you wouldn’t if you kept on doing your normal fitness regimen on a mat.

If you do exercise on a vibrating plate you’ll find that as well as an increase in the speed of toning and weight loss you’ll also reduce cellulite, increase your core strength and flexibility, improve your circulation and bone density and also reduce the time it takes to recover from injury, aches and strains.

Scientists at the University of Antwerp wanted to find out what, if any effects the use vibrating exercise equipment had on the effects of a person’s work-out. They broke the participants into three groups, and for six months they gave them the same diet but the first group weren’t required to do any exercise other than their normal day to day activity. The second group did aerobic activities such as swimming three times per week while the final group did thirteen minutes of exercise on vibration machines five days per week.

The study showed that the last group were found to have lost nearly two thirds more weight from their abdomens than the group who used aerobic exercise alone. They had also lost eleven percent of their overall body fat compared to seven percent that the aerobics group managed to loose and the six percent of the diet only group.

The system works by making the user involuntarily tense their muscles during exercise in order to maintain stability, meaning that your usual regime becomes more efficient without a great deal of noticeable extra effort. It also means that you are able to exercise without weights or resistance while still toning and losing weight so if you’re worried about an injury or want tone without increased muscle bulk then this is the solution for you.

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