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Vibration Machine: Vibrate Your Fat Away Forever

With the emergence of latest techniques in the fitness industry, it has now become possible for everyone to loose the weight in less time and with fewer efforts. Vibration machine which is one of the most effective weight loss source take just 10-15 minutes a day from your busy schedule. Vibration machine is popularly known as home based equipment. You can exercise with all the comforts and needs at your home only. You need not to go for any weight loss programs or gym with the restricted time period. Whenever you are getting the time, you can have the advantage of vibration machine. This is one of the reasons that it is well appreciated and used by well-known sports teams, individuals, entertainers, medical / rehabilitation / therapeutic centers, universities, hotel spas & fitness facilities.

A vibration plate machine basically consists of a vibrating platform over which a person performs static or dynamic movements such as standing, sitting, kneeling or other exercises. Besides this various exercises such as crunches, lunges, squats, push-ups can be done on this machine. In fact one can also passively sit on the machine or rest your feet over it in a comfortable mode.

Exercising on the vibration machine burns up a large amount of calories in a very short period of time and following are some of the important fat burning functions performed by the machine:

Supports lean muscle mass– The rapid vibrations help to maintain and build lean muscle mass. Boosting lean muscle mass means your body burns fat throughout the entire day and not just during the workout. The more fat you burn, the higher the potential is for dramatic weight loss.

Boosts Human Growth Hormone- It boosts Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by 361%. HGH is a hormone that decreases as we get older. This decrease causes weakening of muscles and increased weight gain. Whole Body Vibration increases your HGH and helps to create a more toned, muscular, and lean body, along with the other benefits of HGH.

Lowers stress hormone- Cortisol (belly fat hormone) is known as the stress hormone promotes fat gain particularly around the belly. Vibration exercise can reduce your circulating cortisol levels by 30% which is really beneficial to loose the weight.

Improves Blood Oxygenation and Circulation-Vibration helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite (which inhibits overall circulation) and these causes proper distribution of oxygen all over the body which further promotes circulation of blood completely.

Boosts lymphatic health- Lymphatic system plays a vital role in detoxification. It functions as to remove the fat deposits, toxins, and metabolic waste products from the body Waste means weight. Rebounding or power-walking while swinging and pumping your arms on the vibration machine is one of the recommended ways of flushing out waste products from the body easily.

Moreover Research has demonstrated that

  1. One 10 minute whole vibration workout delivers the equivalent of 1 hour of weight training
  1. Whole body vibration builds muscle mass 1 ½ to 2 times faster than conventional weight workouts.
  1. Vibration in the whole body work as a strong anti-aging source

But don’t forget to combine healthy eating along with the whole body vibration and then you could be on your way to loose weight and staying healthy.

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Sanjana Sharma is the author of this article. For more information about vibration machine, vibration therapy, whole body vibration training, whole body vibration and whole body vibration equipment please follow this link vibration exercise machine.

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