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Want Baby? What About Fertility

The desire for children to start a pregnancy, the road is sometimes long. Because the fertility of a couple is subject to many factors. Age e.g. decreases fertility. But there are many other things to consider if your baby does not come: exposure to environmental factors, medical history, behavior, etc…

When baby does not come, what are the solutions?
Ovulation: Know determine the big day of your cycle
You want a child? Do not wait too!

1) At what point does this on infertility?
After two years of unsuccessful attempts.
After a year of unsuccessful attempts.

In world, it is determined that we talk about infertility after two years of unsuccessful attempts at a couple having sex at a normal frequency. But according to the Health Experts, speaking of infertility when couples failed to post a pregnancy started after one year of regular sexual intercourse.

2) When you want to put a baby on the way, what is the frequency of intercourse called normal or recommended? – Once or twice a week – Everyday essential.

3) When your baby does not come, it is recommended to consult:
From 6 months to one year of infertility if it exceeded 35 years.
It was not until two years of infertility regardless of age.
If we talk about infertility after two years of infertility, however it is recommended for women above 35 years of consulting from 6 months to a year in order not to lose too much time.

4) At what age does it become fatal hard to be pregnant?
From 35 years. – From 40 years.

The likelihood of becoming pregnant decreases with age because the fertility decline gradually. Each month, the probability that a woman is pregnant is 25% at 25 years, 12% at 30 years and 6% at 40 years.

5) Smoking reduces fertility: 5 to 10%. – 15 to 40%.

The smokers were therefore almost twice as likely to get pregnant than non-smokers. But smoking also increases the time of conception from 6 months to a year. The risk of miscarriage also increases, while the success rate is worse.

6) The hot baths and saunas decrease male fertility.
True.- Wrong.
A high local temperature decreases the amount and mobility of sperm. So, if baby does not come, we can advise people to limit baths, and showers at high temperature and avoid session’s hammam and sauna.

7) More than half of pregnancies occur:
In the first 6 months. – In the first 3 months.

70% of pregnancies are initiated in the first 6 months, 20% from the first month, while 10% of couples are infertile.

8) The time of fertilization is optimal:
Between 4 days before ovulation and 2 days later. -The day of ovulation and 3 days later.

9) Supplementation with folic acid is recommended:
Early in pregnancy. – Even before conception.

The folic acid supplementation prevents abnormal neural tube closure, causing serious birth defects. It is recommended several months before conception, even a year before.

10) The causes of infertility are mainly:
Originally Women.- Men and women equally.

It is estimated that one third of the couple’s infertility are male-only, one third are from women and one third are from male and female.

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