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What Every Wheelchair User should know about Travel

Wheelchair Woman Shoots MP40

Everybody enjoys visiting new places and travelling, whether it’s a sports event, film, theatre or maybe a new restaurant. But these simple activities can present some significant difficultes to wheelchair users.

Simply getting out and about, which many take for granted, can present some significant issues. This is where an appropriately adapted disabled vehicle can be invaluable. There are some excellent vehicle conversions in which the driver’s seat is replaced by the wheelchair which clamps securely in place. Hand controls are provided for the gears, clutch and brakes making it possible for many wheelchair users to drive themselves wherever they want to go.

An alternative form of vehicle adaptation might involve the introduction of a wheelchair lift or ramp in order to make the vehicle accessible. A fine example is the Nissan NV200 mobility vehicle which, when expertly adapted, can accommodate up to 4 people in addition to the driver and the wheelchair user. Vehicles like this can be purchased using your Motability higher rate mobility allowance (in the United Kingdom).

As a wheelchair user it makes sense to make a few checks to ensure that you’ll not meet with disappointment when you get to your destination. Here are just a few questions that you may want to ask before you set off.

Is the building wheelchair accessible? This generally means that they have provided ramps.
Do they have accessible bathroom facilities? Most public bathrooms aren’t made for wheelchairs so it’s a good idea to check.
Does the building have an elevator or stairs? Obviously stairs would prevent a wheelchair user from accessing floors above the ground.
Are there disabled parkign bays close to the building? You will definitely want to park as close as possible.

With a little preparation you can be certain that your wheelchair will not prevent you from travelling wherever you want to go and getting the most from life.

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