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What Exactly Happens In An Eye Test?

Many people in the UK have never been to have their eyes tested, which is a worrying thought considering how important our eyesight is in our general lives. But what exactly do they do during eye exams??

Your eye examination may be routine, or you may have been referred by your GP or you may just have come in with a specific vision problem. For whatever reaons you’re there, you should discuss it in full with the optician before you exam starts. For example, if you think you might require glasses, then discuss it with your optician. The optician may also want to know about your general health and well being, as well as the health of your close family.

Once you have talked to the optician, your eyesight will be checked using the wall chart most people will have seen at school. If you cannot read, your eyesight test will be carried out using numbers or images in place of letters.

Your optician will then check your outer and inner eye, which consists of shining a light in the front and back of your eyes to see how they react to light, and to generally check their health. This is not an uncomfortable or painful process and will only take a short amount of time. During this section of the exam you may be asked to look in several different directions.

Your eye muscles will then be checked by the optician, who will perform a simple and quick test to check that all of the muscles in your eye are working and properly controlling eye movement.

The optician will then decide if you need prescription glasses, and can work out your prescription by asking you to read through various different lenses, until you both decide on the most suitable lens.

If you do require glasses, it’s not something to be upset about and shouldn’t impact too much on your life or your fashion sense. Even most designer sunglasses are now made to fit prescriptions. It’s certainly worth getting your eyes checked at your local opticians, and far preferable to losing your sight.

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