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What is Gastric Banding?

Being overweight is a massive problem for people in the West. Life style, lazyiness and poor diet are all contributing factors. The culture of the celebrity does not help either, as we are always being bombarded with images of stick insect models.

Recently, celebrity presenter Fern Britton lost an amazing 5 stone in a couple of years citing regular exercise and healthy eating as the reason. A subsequent investigation by journalists forced her to admit that she had had a gastric band operation. These procedures are generally conducted in private healthcare centre, as the NHS attempts to distance itself to conserve funds.

What is Gastric Banding?

It is a form of surgery for weight loss in obese people, where a band is placed around the top of the stomach making the passing of food much harder, resulting in the patient feeling less hungry after eating.

How successful are gastric band operations?

Statistics show that on average patients loose, within two years, between 50-65% of extra weight.

Who can have a gastric band operation?

They apparently work best on people who doctors class as ‘volume eaters’ – in other words, if you get fat by eating very large meals. If a patient has psychological problems that are causing some of the weight gain, they are usually offered a gastric bypass operation – known as stomach stapling.

What are the risks of gastric band surgery?

It is possible that the whole process will not work. It is necessary to be committed fully to make the operation a success, which is often a change in lifestyle. It means that what Fern said about living a healthy lifestyle was probably quite right in many ways.

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