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White Vaginal Discharge Symptoms, Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is the commonest problem faced by many females. Vaginal discharge is normal during or after periods and after pregnancy. Vaginal discharge means fluid from vagina. This fluid can be of many colors like white, brown, yellow, green. Vaginal discharge is normal if there is no pain, itching or burning, foul odor and rashes to genital areas. 

Vaginal discharge can infect by yeast, bacterias. In normal vaginal discharge small amount of bacterias and yeast is present but excessive growth of bacterias and yeast can led to vaginal discharge infection. If there is clear and watery discharge can caused after heavy exercise. But if there is white vaginal discharge with thick, pasty like cottage cheese, burning itching, irritation vagina is infected by some infection. Small amount of vaginal discharge does not have foul smell but excessive discharge can lead to foul odor from vagina. It is also caused by hormonal changes stress and depression.

Some causes and symptoms of white vaginal discharge
Pain in abdominal and in vulva and also intense itching or burning.

Your some bad habits of eating can also led vaginal discharge like spicy food or excess usage of sugar and sweets of all kind.

Excessive drinking of alcohol, drugs and smoking can also caused white vaginal discharge.

Usage of vagina products like soaps, perfumes, deodorants and dyes can cause white vaginal discharge. And products of vaginal lubrication like oils and jellies. It can cause white vaginal discharge and also rashes to genital areas.

Excessive consuming of yeast foods like mushroom, red meat, breads. All these can lead to yeast infection.

It can also create problem in fertility.

Some remedies to over come from white vaginal discharge
Try to change your diet and consume balanced diet. Avoid spicy food and also yeast food to avoid growth of yeast infection. 

Always wear under panties of cotton fabric it can help you to breathe out your genital areas. Also helps you to keep vagina dry as it continuous vaginal discharge.

Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking as it can also cause vaginal discharge and also it can effect all over your body.

Try to use unscented toilet papers or plain paper as scented toilet paper can irritate the genital parts. Also avoid soaps, bubble bath, deodorants and dyes.

If you are infected by white vaginal discharge problem you need to take care of personal hygiene. As there is regular vaginal discharge you need to take bathe regularly.

When you are washing your clothes with detergent use clothes softeners.

Try to avoid sexual intercourse or always use condoms when you are treating with white vaginal discharge.

Try to consume eatables which are highly rich in vitamin C.

Drink water as much as you can. Water is the very effective method to control white vaginal discharge or any health problem.

You can also recommend going for herbal treatment like garlic juice is good to get rid from vaginal discharge if consume with Luke warm water or herbs like ashoka, mango seeds, triphala, amalaki and gokshura

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