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Why Whole Body Vibration Can Assist Weight Loss

Whole body vibration is not just the latest lose weight quickly scheme sweeping the nation. It was first intended to overcome a practical problem for space explorers rather than a weight loss technique. Soviet Union came up with the idea during the space race of the 1060s. Both the American and the Soviet Union were desperate for any scientific or technological breakthrough. One predicaments they faced was the effect long term anti gravity exposure had on their muscle strength and bone density.

The Russian scientists were looking for ways to strengthen their muscles to stay in space longer. It has taken millions of years of evolution for the human skeleton to evolve and its adapted to the gravity pressure on Earth. They were focusing on strengthening the cosmonauts muscles to with stand longer periods in space and anti gravity conditions. Weak muscles were one of the most common side effects of long periods in space as the anti gravity conditions meant they werent getting the same use they do on Earth. Their goal became to find a way to ensure the cosmonauts muscles were as strong as possible before they left for their missions. Whole body vibrations using a vibrating plate exposed the muscles to up to 60 vibrations per second. This caused the muscles to involuntary contract at each vibration. Up to 60 muscle vibrations every second started to not only strengthen the muscles but also the bones too. After using a vibration trainer they also noticed other positive effects too like better circulation and more energy.

As a result the Russian cosmonauts’ were able to spend longer periods in space and experience fewer problems acclimatising to Earths natural gravity pressure when they returned. Over the last half century vibration training has been improved upon and adapted. Vibration training is not just limited to the space industry, its most commonly used for weight loss and repairing damaged muscles today.

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