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Will A Mobile Phone Harm Our Health?

There has been a lot of debate in recent years as to the dangers of using mobile phones. There is some research that suggests that the radiation from these devices could be damaging; there are even claims that they could cause cancerous growths to develop in the brain. It is also claimed that this radiation could be heating the brain and causing damage in the process – scary stuff. Most of the research though seems to suggest that it is only those who use the mobile phone excessively that really risk the dangers. And in all honesty we are not really going to find out exactly how or if the use of mobile phones is dangerous until the first generation of mobile phone users get to old age.

Don’t forget about how those people who rubbished claims that tobacco products were bad. These claims were viewed as alarmist and there wasn’t enough evidence to back them up. However in todays day and age, you won’t find many people who think that there are no dangers with tobacco; anyone who feels that tobacco is not dangerous is just kidding themselves. Mobile phones could end up the same way and they may be bought in the future with warnings on them.

I’m not sure about how risky it is to use mobile phones, but I put my faith in the idea that moderate use is fairly harmless. I actually can’t imagine a world where I didn’t use my mobile phone and frankly the evidence out there so far is not enough for me to give it up. I believe that the risks are not that bad and that it is much riskier for those who are constantly using their mobile phones. You could say that there are potential dangers with all the gadgets we use today; even our IPods could be dangerous if they were the cause of us failing to hear an oncoming vehicle.

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