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Word About Kids Fitness Exercises

In order to be physically fit they require regular and ample exercises. It is not the overweight or obese kids that need to exercise regularly but each and every other kid. Good exercise is an essential element in every kid’s life.
Regular exercise does not necessarily mean that a child has to spend several hours of the day exercising or working out. Some people also think that if a child participates in an active team sport then they do not require physical exercises. This should not be the case because according to studies children do not get ample exercise when they are having free play or a team sport such as baseball or soccer. There is a required amount of exercise that a kid requires per day in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.
Children experts and pediatricians recommend that children and especially teens require being physically active for at least sixty minutes a day. It is important though to note that it does not have to be a sixty minute continuous exercise. A kid can do several activities through out the day as long as they add up to about 60 minutes of physical exercise. Parents should make sure that the child gets some physical exercise time instead of coming home to watch television or playing video games.
Beneficial regular exercises are very beneficial to the kids not only for their physique and health but also for their self esteem. Good exercise is also good for a child’s sleep and increases their body energy. Apart from the physical benefits regular exercises also help the reduction of anxiety and they are known to reduce the levels of depression in children. Then there is the obvious benefit of weight loss and the prevention of obesity in children. These are some of the benefits that kids get from regular exercise that they would not have benefited from if they just slept and watched television.
Kids’ exercises are basically different from those of the adults. You do not expect to take your child to the gym and let them run on the treadmill or lift weights. This might be dangerous to the children. Sometimes for these reasons it is hard to tell the amount of calories a child might be burning in a particular exercise. The good thing is that as long as your child is doing the recommended 60 minutes of exercise in a day you do not have to worry about the amount of calories they are burning. Remember also it is vital that the child maintains a healthy diet. A regular physical exercise may not be of a good use if the child is not on a good and healthy diet.

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