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10 Critical Requirements For Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss is usually an embarrassing and traumatic experience stricken by more then 60 % of Men and 40 percent of women. Hair loss may come on fast or take years to fallout to where it’s a noticable situation. If you are losing your hair do not stress, medical science has come along way over the past 20 years making hair loss a curable problem. If you are looking for a hair loss solution to prevent hair loss keep reading I will cover briefly the top 10 reasons you are losing your hair.

1. Heredity – some 60 % of men and 30 percent to 40 % of women have in their DNA a genetic predisposition for baldness. Looking at the genetic element in hair loss is not everything when it comes to loosing your hair there are many other factors involved in terms of losing hair and I will talk about all of them here.

2. Disorders of blood flow – a continuous blood supply to the scalp. There are many minerals and vitamins associated with keeping your hair and the benefits that come along with having your hair in it’s natural state.

3. Skin problems – long healthy hair will grow as long as the scalp is healthy and clean.

4. Hormonal imbalances – new hair growth is influenced by hormones in the body.

5. Medication and diseases – a long list of illnesses can cause damage to the hair roots.

6. Nutritional deficiencies and poor nutrition – minerals and vitamins have an important role in hair growth.

7. Toxins – we experience large quantities of toxins, including air pollution, water pollution, paint materials and radiation.

8. Stress – stress, depression, anxiety, fear and traumas cause tension, which could significantly impact the processes of hair loss and damage the mechanisms of hair growth.

9. Cosmetic damage – actions like hair coloring, frequent exposure to swimming pool water, the sun’s rays and heat.

10. Heavy smoking, drugs and alcohol – cigarette’s smoke contain many substances that cause accelerated aging.

Next… I have covered the top 10 causes of hair loss while they occur in both men and women. a few of these conditions are non permanent and soon after a time the hair will return.

Some previously discussed, are just taking a vitamin and mineral supplements or creating small changes in your lifestyle, others will need more sacrifices. It is thought by professionals that hair loss is 85-90 % curable with the right treatment. That’s good news notably if you really feel ashamed or are embarrassed with your present condition.

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Losing your hair is an embarrassing problem. There are natural hair loss solutions that any man or women can use to ensure they do not go bald before there time.If you are tired of worrying about your thinning hair, try this guaranteed hair loss solutions

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