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A Look at Provillus For Women

Provillus for Women is dedicated to helping in your fight against female hair thinning. If you have been seeing abnormal loss of hair in your hairbrush, shower drain or bedding, there is help for you. Don’t go another minute feeling old and unattractive. For females, loss of hair has even more impact psychologically than in men.

The regrowth solution consists of a two part formula, topical liquid and oral supplement. The product contains the only FDA-approved hair regrowth ingredient. Your lost hair will be replaced by a healthy and growing mane from rejuvenated hair follicles.

Contrary to popular belief, your hair loss is not likely to have caused by most environmental factors. Using hot curlers or hair dryers doesn’t cause hair thinning. You won’t lose your hair because of coloring your hair or getting other treatments to help you look and feel beautiful.

Heredity is the culprit for most thinning hair problems in women. If you thought grandma’s pink scalp and blue hair was less than attractive, you may be stressing about your own hair loss. Female baldness can also be caused by temporary hormonal imbalances, such as those caused by pregnancy. Women who have thyroid problems can also have hair loss problems.

Delivery of the formula is through the mail. The package is wrapped so you won’t need to feel embarrassed about what the neighbors see. You don’t need to see a physician to get a prescription, and the active ingredient is FDA approved.

Provillus for Women has the capability to improve thinning hair in almost all women. The product is most effective in cases of heredity-caused hair thinning. It prevents further loss of hair. It has been clinically proven to promote growth of new hair that is formed from a strong hair follicle.

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