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Advantages Of A Bald Head

1. Bald skull reminds an egg by its form, and an egg, as it is known, is the most perfect creation of nature. According to myths, an egg is a prototype of the Universe, or at least a symbol of it.

2. Bald-headed become closer to space and get knowledge and ideas from it. Bald men often have more sense, than longhairs.

3. Bald-headed man does not need shampoos for hair roots feeding. They know that it is more important to feed something that is in a skull, instead of something, that covers it. They don’t care a fig about choosing a shampoo, no matter whether it is one in one, two in one or even ten in one. Using it you will not become cleverer. Also don’t forget about dandruff, which all longhairs try to treat. Bald men do not have any dandruff. Profitability of bald husband is obvious to every housewife.

4. Remember childhood: bald are not feared to meet parasites usually living in hair. It means that bald men are more protected and healthy.

5. Bald always have an advantage in fight. There is nothing to snatch and that’s why nobody will pull you by the hair.

6. Balds do not spend money and time in barber’s shops, risking to get in it some illness through microtraumae and minicuts, which are unavoidable during haircut. Everything they need is a good razor, a mirror, shaving foam, and some cream after shaving.

7. The bald head is an aspiration for freedom. Everyone who shaved off his hair completely remembers sensation of easiness, even lightness both on a head and inside it. This is a disengagement from all dogmas, prejudices and this is a direct communication with space.

8. Having a bald head is romantic and original. Women love balds, because they think, that such men are uncommon, and also bald-headed resemble them babies.

9. When women try to wipe bald head with pocket handkerchief, men always shout and swear, but they like it. Because this is a moment of intimacy and care, and this is rare in our century.

10. You may have noticed that bald men do not grow old, they are always young. Look at a photo of bald person. You will see no changes. You will see that he is always lustrously beautiful. The word “lustrously” is the main, and you will always recognize him. And you will say that he has not changed and will envy him at the bottom of your heart.

11. Eventually, bald men, and even bald women, look attractive. We will remind you, that thousands of women in different countries of the world thought that the most sexual footballer of a planet of the 90-ies was a bald Brazilian Ronaldo.

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