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Alopecia And Heart Diseases

Women have an opinion, which is not without foundation, that bald men have hypersexuality. But this merit has also its flip side.

The presence of bald head can be an indicator of man’s predilection to cardiovascular pathologies. And though process of baldness does not cause a heart attack, its presence nevertheless indicates possibility of development of heart troubles.

It is because one of the reasons of such diseases is a raised content of androgenic hormones – man’s sexual hormones – testosterone and hydrotestosterone in an organism. The avs say that 75% of patients who have had myocardial infarction were grown bald men.

Depending on a place of bald appearance on a head experts single out various types of alopecia. The first group of men consists of people, whose hair line draws back from a forehead, and according to scientist’s opinion they are no more cardiovascular diseases-prone, than owners of magnificent heads of hair. According to other sources men included into this group have a risk of development of cardiovascular pathologies, but it is only six percent. Men included into the second group have an average degree of alopecia; there are owners of small number of hair on a crown of the head and on the temples. Probability of a heart attack for these men is half as high again than for the people from the first group. The rest of bald have heart attacks happenning more often.

Scientists believe that excess production of man’s hormones (testosterone and hydrotestosterone) can cause a heart attack as well as alopecia. As evidence scientists give the statistics: more than seventy-five percent of bald patients who had myocardial infarction had the level of these hormones in blood, which was considerably higher than the norm is. There is large quantity of receptors sensitive to testosterone in a head skin, that’s why in case of hormonal oscillations various reactions of an organism can be observed, for example, hair loss, problems with blood tension, increasing of level of cholesterol in blood and others. Appraising a level of arterial pressure and concentration of cholesterol in blood, you need to pay attention to the development of pathological process in heart.

Of course, hair loss is not the reason of heart attack, that’s why there is no sense in trying to treat bald head for securing you against heart attack. Hair transplantation, implantation secure, different creams and ointments, probably, will make your look better, but don’t think that you will feel favorable effect on heart after this.

That’s why if you see in a mirror the first symptoms of alopecia, it is necessary to examine your heart’s work, and if there are first unpleasant symptoms consult a cardiologist, not only trichologist, do cardiogram and everything, which will be needed.

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