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Alopecia, Is This A Serious Problem?

Remember an ancient myth about Samson? When his hair was cut off, he lost his force. Now if people lose their hair, they think that they lose their beauty. Hair loss can be a cosmetic problem, if this is a situation of short duration (for example, seasonal hair loss in November and in March-April because of hypovitaminosis and diminution of host defenses). Also hair can be seriously injured by frequent colourings (more often, than quarterly) or permanent wave.

But experts in medicine and cosmetology know that if you have a dermatological disease – alopecia, this is a serious problem. People can be cured of alopecia in approximately 25 % of cases. Really, you can’t get over it in most cases, but it can be slowed down.

Australian skin specialists declare that there are no effective medicines against alopecia. Experts made this conclusion after detailed studying more than a score of researches an efficiency of various not surgical methods of treatment of this disease.

Alopecia areata frequently gives rise to consulting a dermatologist. Hair comes out on the limited areas of the skin. In difficult cases can be hair loss on all head and body. Today there are some researches, which give information, that in a basis of alopecia areata lie immunological abnormalities, and also physical and emotional stresses. But there are no absolutely effective remedies against alopecia. Correction of the reason which caused alopecia usually stops a hair loss. But if you do not treat basic disease hair loss can become irreversible.

Independent analysts from The Cochrane Collaboration, reviewed results of 17 various experiments, concerning reasons and ways of alopecia treatment. In observation of 540 patients efficiency of various types of therapy was estimated, including treatment by immunosuppressive agents, by hormonal, local vasodilating preparations and phototherapy.

According to expert opinion, any medicine against alopecia has long-term positive effect, if we take as a criterion a recovery of more than a half of lost hair.

In one of unpublished researches doctors offered to 60 patients to treat their head skin by onions juice. Positive result was reached by almost a half of participants. However during a detailed studying of experiment experts found out that all patients included in it had moderately severe alopecia and that’s why it is impossible to consider results of the research objective.

During one of recent gene researches doctors found two changed genes, which European men have and which increase risk of alopecia sevenfold. These genes are transmitted to men from their mothers. Researches in this area show a big complexity of genic regulation of alopecia, so, hopes on the fast decision of this problem remain only hopes.
According to experts, those patients, who have alopecia, should not despair, because even spontaneous regeneration of hair is possible in certain cases.

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