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Answers To All Your Questions About Alopecia

Thousands of people serf the internet, looking for answers to such questions as «I have alopecia, what to do? », or «Do I treat my alopecia correctly? », or «How to stop development of alopecia? ». And they don’t want to understand, that serious trichologists will not answer your questions, because they can’t do this. It is necessary to identify the type of alopecia and to find out the true reason of it before starting treatment. And nobody can do this without tests and, especially, without seeing the patient.

There are different types of alopecia: partial and full, temporal and permanent. There are also some types of alopecia depending on how hair comes out:
1. the most widespread type of alopecia is circumscribed alopecia (hair comes out only on separate regions of a head, for example, frontal or occipital alopecia);
2. women and men can have universal alopecia, this is the type of alopecia, when hair on a head comes out completely.
3. and the rarest type of alopecia is alopecia totalis, when people lose hair not only on a head, but also on the whole body.

There are also more detailed classifications. For example, there are such types of alopecia as alopecia areata, this is a type of circumscribed alopecia, when hair comes out on accurately delineated areas of a head, which often have roundish form. If you have small-patchy alopecia, hair comes out on many small areas of a skin, and if you have diffuse alopecia, hair comes out on the whole head. There is also mixed alopecia, having which patient will see, that signs diffuse and small-patchy alopecia can combine.

Except classification by stage of alopecia, alopecias in trichology are classified by their reasons. The reasons of hair loss can be external (stresses, infections, head skin traumas) and internal (hormonal, autoimmune, infectious, genetic). It is natural that depending on the reason of alopecia, mechanisms of its development will be different.

The most widespread type of men’s alopecia which makes almost 95 per cent of cases is androgenic alopecia. The reason for androgenic alopecia is a destroying influence of man’s sexual hormones on a hair follicle. Certainly, this reason of men’s alopecia can have only those, who have genetic preconditions for such destruction. Women can also have androgenic alopecia, especially those, whose organism has a high level of maintenance of man’s hormones.

It is also known autoimmune alopecia, during development of which organism fortuitously starts to perceive hair follicles as foreign bodies and starts to get rid of them. Doctors have not yet found out the reason of such strange phenomenon, but they think that this reason has genetic character, is inheritable and this is one of principal causes of alopecia at early age.

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