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Bald Head Is A Good Sign

In a sense, there is nothing awful in coming out of hair: this does not in any way threaten the health. Socrates and Shakespeare were bald. Julius Caesar and Cezanne were bald as well. And nobody will say that Sean Cannery (when he played the role of an agent 007, he wore toupee), William Hart and Luke Zingaretti are not sexual! There are guys who can transform alopecia to an advantage of their image and remain sexual and cool. The first in this band, of course, is “a hard nut to crack” Bruce Willis. He is an actor of “action” genre and comedian, and he attempts impossibility showed to whole world, that it is possible to win and hold a title of sex symbol during ten years without hair.

The well-known singer Seal is, probably, not so charismatic, as Willis, but facts speak for themselves: though its talented head is bald, he is married to one of the most beautiful models in the world – Heidi Klum. It is possible to make an assumption that, winning heart of such a successful girl, he gambles on beautiful, sincere voice. Anyhow, he by rights takes the place among “bald and successful”!

Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal, for example, even has no time to think about such trifle, as presence or absence of hair on the head. He is the most authoritative player of NBA, he is in magnificent physical form, and, by the way, he needs more than that! Shaquille tries his wings in such areas, as cinema and music. This man does not have so characteristic of bald headed complexes and lack of self-confidence.

Next in this list of bald favorites of fortune is a tennis player Andre Agassi. Probably, we love him not only because we admire his achievements in sport, but also because he is stylish and handsome. Absence of hair perfectly accentuates attention on expressive lineaments of his face, his emotionality and passionate temperament.

Star of films “Adrenaline” and “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” Jason Statham has good hair, but he shaved it off, adding thus some brutality to himself. And since then, line of this actor is a megasexual bad guy, who gives all and sundry the impression that he is the most desirable man in Hollywood.

Kiss in a bald head is a guarantee of victory. Everyone, who remembers events of World championship of football in 1998 and ritual of French national team – the winner of that championship, knows this. Before every game football players of national team repeated fantastic ritual, it caught the fancy of spectators and went down in history of football. Imperturbable fullback of national team Laurent Robert Blanc kissed goalkeeper Fabien Alain Barthez in the polished bald head.

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