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Can You Rely On Propecia As A Safe Treatment For Male Hair Loss?

Propecia is an oral prescription drug which is approved by the FDA. Propecia is popular for the treatment of mild male pattern balding, particularly on the crown and mid-scalp areas of the head. This drug is often used in small doses for the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, and in larger doses for prostate cancer. Propecia has shown in a number of clinical trials to have reduced hair loss, and to have even encouraged re-growh. Results have been shown to vary according to the severity of the cases, and you may not see 100% regrowth of lost hair.

Is there any history of side affects when using the drug Propecia?
One of the major reasons why some men are affected by male pattern baldness or hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia in medical terms, is excessive levels of a chemical called DHT in their scalp. The hair follicles are shrunk by DHT, so that they become less visible. Propecia helps in reducing DHT levels to a significant extent by inhibiting its formation. Finisteride, usually used in the treatment of prostate cancer, is a large component part of Propecia. The drug is generally prescribed in doses of 5mg and is particularly successful in combating male hair loss in the crown of the head.

Propecia causing erectile dysfunction?
Poor libido and even erectile dysfunction have been blamed on the use of Propecia, but it is a contentious area. Is this true? You have to wonder whether these specialists are totally impartial or whether it is in their interest to claim their data? Having skimmed around various internet forums, it seems quite clear to me that many men have suffered some level of failure when on the drug.

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