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Cloning Against All Types Of Alopecia

In Italy there was a big trichologist’s scientific conference, during which British doctors presented revolutionary technique of baldness treatment. This is a cloning of “sleeping” cells of hair follicles.

Every third man has age alopecia overtakes about. Someone suffers from it, others, on the contrary, think, that bald head is very stylish and sexual. That’s why bald head is in fashion. Alopecia brings real sufferings, this is a catastrophic hair loss, which women, and even children can have. Also burns or chemotherapy cause alopecia.

Now British doctors created their own technique, based on possibilities of cells cloning for these suffering people. They take some cells from the so-called “sleeping” follicles on a patient’s head, place it in a cocktail of nutrients and stimulators, where cells actively propagate. And then by microinjections a doctor injects cells into a skin of a bald head. New cells form new normal follicles, which start to produce new hairs, or stimulate those “sleeping” follicles, which start to wake up and do the same.

Some part of cloned cells can be frozen and then your trichologist will inject it as the need arises. 11 from19 bald volunteers saw normal hair on their head already in half a year.

It is interesting that scientists did the first experiments with sleeping cells of follicles in the fifties of the last century, of course with rats. Doctors wanted to find a remedy against scars caused by burns, but after these experiments on the replaced sites of naked rat’s skin new mousy hair started to grow.

Now, scientists assure us that, similar method will help to grow other parts of body as well, for example, teeth from cells of tooth rudiments. The fact is that new hair grows grey belittles triumph, because new follicles can’t form painting pigment. But it is not a big problem, we can dye our hair, and even grey hair can suit someone. However, for certain people science will solve this problem with the lapse of time.

Methods of alopecia treatment are either ineffective (various medicines, which furnish circulation of blood of a skin, hormones, etc.), or very unpleasant and expensive enough. And the most popular method of hair transplantation is not a show for the faint-hearted. When advertising starts agitating for transplantation, simply tune out.

This new method should be very effective, quick and painless. So, if for you a bald head is not only a serious psychological problem, but you are afraid of pain, this way of alopecia treatment will be the best. And don’t be upset about expensiveness of all new methods, everyone knows, that in the near future cloning becomes a customary practice and in every clinic doctor will help you. And now British trichologists bring closer the day when dreams of bald head people will come true.

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