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Coming Out Of Hair Is Not Always Alopecia

It is common knowledge that during pregnancy hair becomes thicker and grows faster. This is because of the high level of a female sexual hormone estrogen, which “keeps” hairs, and even the so-called telogen hairs (telogen is a final phase of hair development, before the time it is to come out). But any pregnancy sooner or later comes to an end and it means that hormonal picture of a woman’s organism changes again: level of the estrogen decreases, and hair starts to come out. The so-called postnatal loss starts. It is not a disease and that’s why it does not need special correction, only if this process does not last longer than 8 months.

Among other reasons of hair loss connected with level of hormones, it is possible to notice discontinuation of some hormonal contraceptives, which also causes hormonal disbalance and sudden loss of an adipose tissue as a result, for example, of rigid diet. So, fat, against which women wage a relentless struggle, is original storage of hormones, which is necessary for hair health. So, if you waste 10 % of your body weight during some months, this will lead to a hair loss. Taking some medicines can also cause hair thinning. Medicines for treatment epilepsy, thromboses, neurosises, depressions, apoplexy etc have such a by-effect. Intoxication of an organism can lead to coming out of hair.

The most widespread reason for hair loss for women is an iron deficiency. If coming out of hair lasts during more than 6 months and it is not caused by hormonal-genetic reasons, there is a high probability of iron deficiency. For the most of women of childbearing age iron-deficient state is usual. And haemoglobin indicator can be in norm. But this “normal” quantity of iron is enough only for maintenance of vitals health, for hair health additional reserve is needed. If you want to understand, if everything is all right with your iron level, do special tests. For stopping hair loss, caused by iron deficiency, it is necessary to fill its “depot”. Where are iron depots? They are in bone marrow, in spleen and in the liver. And only after its filling organism will “allow” apportioning peripheral tissues, which do not play vital role, by iron. For storing such supplies, it is not enough to keep special diet, because there is a threshold of absorption of iron from food. Simple increasing of the number of products rich with this mineral, will not improve situation cardinally. Don’t expect great things of vitamin-mineral complexes and bioadditives, these remedies are capable only of raising the iron level slightly.

Actually only special drugs, which a doctor prescribes, can overcome this problem. After 4-5 months of such treatment coming out of hair stops and its thickness becomes restored.

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