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Cover Your Bald Head With Drawings!

Artist Phil Levine started to grow bald, when he was hardly twenty. However, unlike many other men with a similar problem, he kept presence of mind. On the contrary, he decided to take advantage of his new look and transformed his head in a canvas!

He did not want to simply shave a head as it is done by others, that is why he decided to combine this process with art. Of course, even having a huge talent and also a huge desire to cover your head with drawings independently, it is doubtful that it is possible. That’s why, if you feel inspired after our story, addressed for help to the professional master of body art. For creating one “picture” master will need from two to four hours depending on complexity of drawing.

Instead of wearing a wig and hiding under it your so-called ugliness, solve your problem in an original way, and everything, that people consider weakness, will become your force. For decoration of your head you can choose different styles, with the help of which you will show that part of you, which nobody has seen before.

Beautiful pictures are not the only thing, which can appear on your head. If you adore shocking public, glue down to your head crystals Swarovski and you will be the centre of general attention at once. Maybe someone will see in your actions original form of art, somebody will put his forefinger to his temple and twist it. But you will not be bored and party will be everywhere, where you are.

Today, in some cities such original festivals as «Head Art Festival» take place. Organizers popularize «bald head philosophy» and make body art on bald heads, helmets, bonnet, hats and caps for everyone, who wants.

The purpose of such actions is involving the maximum number of “bald” men and women for painting as more bald heads and helmets as possible, also selling as more accessories for heads as possible.

The reasons for making a drawing on a head can be very different. Father of a Serbian swimmer made on his bald head a tattoo, on which there is the result that his daughter showed in the World championship in water sports in Rome is fixed. He fulfilled his promise given before the beginning of World championship.

He promised, that he will make a tattoo on his head, if his daughter covers the distance of 200 metres using the breaststroke faster, than 2 minutes and 22 seconds. In the World championship in 2009 in a final heat she showed the result of 2 minutes and 21,62 seconds, and established a record of Europe.

So, tattoos on bald head are all the rage now. Besides, as masters say, if it will be bright, it will be cooler.

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