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Cure For Female Hair Loss

Is There a Cure For Female Hair Loss?

The medical profession is always searching for a cure for something. The cure for female hair loss has been a controversial topic; everyone seems to know about a cure or is in the process of developing one. It’s safe to say that there is no cure for female hair loss. A women always losses hair, just like a man, but there are certain factors that contribute to excessive hair loss and that’s what physicians want to cure. The cure for female hair loss is found in curing the chemical imbalance that contributes to the excessive hair loss in females.

There are several factors that cause women to lose an extraordinary amount of hair. Certain diseases, stress, pregnancy, poor eating habits, emotional instability, as well as birth control and thyroid problems, can produce a dramatic reduction in hair growth. Certain genetic traits also play a role in hair loss and no one has found a way to cure female hair loss through genetic mapping. Hormonal changes actually affect how a hair follicle acts on a day to day basis. The hair grows in three stages and if the hormones in the body are not balanced, the stages of hair growth are altered.

A follicle may go into the inactive state before it should and some follicles may be destroyed by medications and the lack of protein in the system. So the cure for female hair loss can be found by identifying how the body reacts to different conditions in different situations, which is extremely hard to do, because everyone’s chemical structure is unique. One relatively new discovery is shedding light on a cure for female hair loss. The Human Growth Hormone is secreted naturally by the pituitary gland. It’s made up of 191 amino acids and is the hormone that is responsible for the aging process. If production of HGH is increased, signs of aging decrease including hair loss.

If a product like Sephren is used to add B6, Biotin and other vitamins to the system, the body is able to stimulate the hair follicles and they begin to respond in a normal way. When Sephren is combined with a healthy diet and exercise program it adds more antioxidants to the system, which helps the body’s immune system fight free radicals that create a hormonal imbalance. Sephren is not a cure for female hair loss, it helps the body heal itself, so the hair follicles can growth and act normally.

Is Sephren the Only Product That Helps Hair Growth?

There are several products on the market that claim to cure or regrow hair. Most of these products are over the counter remedies. These products come with side effects that can cause more harm than good, so it’s important to do some research before you purchase any of them. Sephren, on the other hand, contains all the natural vitamins and minerals you need to help the body stimulate hair growth. Biotin, B6, PABA, Horsetail silica and other proteins and antioxidants, as well as a conditioning and cleansing foam give Sephren the ingredients it needs to help the body balance itself again.

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