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Diffuse Alopecia: Its Reasons, Specificities And Treatment

Diffuse alopecia is often named symptomatic. Men and women can get it as a result of various reasons: febrile illness, bleeding, fasting, trauma, as a consequence of childbirth, heavy emotional stresses, chronic poisonings, also those women, who use contraceptive agents.

The reasons causing telogenic alopecia can be pregnancy (ended by an abortion or childbirth), discontinuing the use of peroral contraceptives or change of medicine, surgical intervention, serious trauma, strict diet with fast weight loss, serious illness (especially with a heat), stressful situations and overfatigue.

There are cases of hair loss and change of its pigmentation after many medical products used in therapeutic practice: cytostatics, anticoagulants, boric acid, antimalarial agents, bismuth and others.

People can have diffuse alopecia caused by endocrine disorders (thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, diseases of abdominal salivary gland, hypogenitalism) patients with chronic renal insufficiency can get it after hemodialysis. Pathological agent will stop to function and hair growth will renew.

It is also necessary to notice that there are physiological variants of a telogen hair loss: this is a hair loss during pregnancy and right after the childbirth; thinning of girl’s hair at the age of 16-19 years; hair loss in advanced age. However in all these cases it is necessary to be assured in that, we deal not with an initial stage of androgenic alopecia.

Treatment of diffuse alopecia.

After postinfectious and postoperative alopecia general health-improving therapy is needed, doctors also use arsenization, vitamins (В1, В6, A and C), high-caloric feeding and methionine.
Local treatment is a prescription of alcoholic solutions irritating a head skin, physiotherapeutic procedures (ultraviolet irradiation, d’Arsonval currents, an irrigation by chloroethyl, massage with snow of carbonic acid etc.). Patients suffering from thinning of hair must know that, frequent hair-dyeing and waving stimulate hair loss.

Some doctors tell about successful use of tretinoin in combination with L- cysteine and gelatin (18000 IE, 70 mg and 700 mg accordingly daily) for treatment of diffuse alopecia. This type of treatment can be provided during a long time, because there are not any by-effects. Also therapy by vitamins with microelements is recommended.

If you have this problem, you must also know, that the greatest influence on a hair condition and a head skin have vitamins A, Е, В1, В6, and such microelements as magnesium (Mg), aluminium (Al), silicon (Si), калий (K), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu).

Don’t follow only advises of pharmacist’s in a drugstore, but also take the doctor’s advices, choosing a vitamin complex. Sometimes trichologists prescribe microinjections of vitamins. In this case preliminary researches are also needed.

According to modern publications, there is a tendency of increasing a number of patients with diffuse alopecia in recent years. Woman of middle age complain of hair loss.

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